Lose Weight

Sounds simple?

We all know that it is not! How many times have you dieted, lost some weight, only to put it all back and more?
Exploring your 'eating triggers' and and identifying the obstacles that prevent you from success is a start.

Think you can't do it?

Psychotherapy is an approach to the unhealthy behaviors that contribute to weight gain. Addressing thoughts, feelings and understanding what stressful situations can cause overeating or erratic eating.

Often the root cause can arise from childhood food restrictions and negative associations to food. The act of eating is sometimes used as a drug to temporarily relieve anxiety, depression--emotional eating. The source of the problem can be hidden deep in childhood memories.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective tool in helping you to change your attitude and perception of food. You learn how to replace food with positive thoughts and behaviour. It works, and it lasts!